Time Travel Would Make Flirting Super Complicated -- This Hilarious Video Explains Why

You can't undo your flirting fails. And you wouldn't actually want to.

How many times have you found yourself wishing you had a time machine? When you forgot your homework, when you said something weird to your boss and, especially, when your attempt at flirting was nothing short of an epic fail.

That last one inspired a new short film that shows just how complicated a time machine could make one guy's attempt at getting a date. In the clip, which was chosen for the Sploid Short Film Festival, protagonist James tries to make conversation with Regina, a woman he spots reading in the park. Thanks to his handy "one-minute time machine," he's able to go back in time (and back, and back, and back again...) when he says something weird:

Things get complicated when Regina, who has a doctorate in quantum mechanics, explains (spoiler alert) that each time James has pressed the red button on his time machine, that version of himself died. Needless to say, James isn't really in the mood anymore when he finds out what he's done to himself over and over.

The biggest twist, however, comes at the end, and we won't spoil that one for you. Let's just say Regina is in it for more than the physics. Ah well, it could be more awkward...