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Watch Will Arnett Rap 'Everything Is Awesome'

Are his rap moves awesome?

Will Arnett is a rapper.

Well, at least he tried to be one on “Lip Sync Battle.” This sneak peek into the series’ Thursday (July 9) episode shows Will in full on rhyme form while performing "Everything Is Awesome." Here's a look at how he flipped the Tegan and Sara and Lonely Island track into his own.

  • Here he is in full rhyme mode, even doing some #RapHands.
  • And here he is doing the robot.
  • Will even had Chrissy Teigen doing the robot...or, the Lego.
  • I mean, even Arnett's opponent Alison Brie showed him love with her own #RapHands.
  • Here's a preview of Will's "Everything Is Awesome."

Alison Brie also performed as an MC on the show. She did a rendition of Salt-N-Pepa’s “Shoop," which you can view below.