Ryan Reynolds: 'Deadpool' Has 'More Easter Eggs Than The Friggin' Easter Bunny'

More than you can shake a chimichanga at!

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Comic book movies are everywhere these days -- and we're not just saying that because it's San Diego Comic-Con this week. Seriously, you can't turn a corner anymore without knocking into a new costumed vigilante looking to make trouble and beat up bad guys.

But "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds, who's currently promoting his new movie "Self/less", told MTV News that his big budget comic book movie is unlike any other you've seen so far -- because Deadpool, the iconic "Merc with a Mouth," is anything but your average superhero.

"It's a character that knows he's in a comic book. He's not only incredibly pop culture relevant, but savvy," Reynolds said. "To me it feels like we're making not just a comic book movie, but a historical record that can capture the zeitgeist as it is right now in film."

So will Reynolds' Deadpool know he's in a comic book movie and break the fourth wall accordingly to address us, the superhero-loving audience? On that, Reynold's lips are sealed -- but rest assured that hardcore Deadpool fans definitely won't be disappointed.

"There's lots of stuff in there that people are going to love and get," he said. "And then there's lots of things in there that, maybe [for] some of the audience that's not initiated to Deadpool, might go over their head."

Don't worry, though, Deadpool noobs! "We've got plenty in there for them, too," Reynolds added.

Which is good, because let's be real -- sometimes it's hard to follow Deadpool even when you KNOW Deadpool. He's a bit... uh, random, let's say.

"Self/less" hits theaters July 10.