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Celebrate One Direction's U.S. Tour Kickoff With These Badly Drawn Cartoons

We've got all five -- that's right, five

If you're not already following BadlyDrawnModels on Instagram, please go do so right now. Great, glad we got that out of the way -- it was about time.

Sean Ryan, the illustrator behind the Instagram, takes your faves -- while his handle may highlight models, he dabbles in pop stars and actors, too -- and turns them into simple cartoons. While they may be "badly drawn," they're certainly recognizable.

In order to celebrate One Direction's On The Road Tour Again Tour's first U.S. tour date—the holiest day of the year, if you ask me—we asked Sean to render Liam, Harry, Louis, and Niall.

Hi, guys!! It's been a while—we've missed you. We can't wait for the show tonight. "No Control" is still on the set list, right? Cool. Great.


Even though he broke our (collective) hearts into 95484923203 pieces, I still consider Zayn a member of 1D, so Sean drew him for us too. Hey, Z, if you wanna drop by one (or all) of the tour dates, I don't think anyone would be mad—just sayin'.

For more from Sean—including drawings you can hang on your walls!!!—head over to his Etsy store. And for more from One Direction, stay tuned for more coverage from the OTRA tour—we'll be keeping a close eye on it, obviously.