WTH Special: 7 Questions We HAVE To Ask After This Week's 'Scream'

Surprisingly, 'Why doesn't everyone just leave Lakewood now?' isn't one of them.

"Whodunit?" just became the least of our concerns.

The killer struck yet again on this week's "Scream" (RIP Riley), but after an episode packed with more creepy phone calls (poor Emma!), dubious decision-making (seriously, Brooke?) and sketchy behavior (we're looking at you, Will...again), we're wondering way more than who's behind the madman's mask. Here are our top seven questions:

  1. What's the killer's beef with Emma's mom?

    It all started when the murderer sent a special gift to Mrs. Duval: a bloody heart. Since then, he's been phoning Emma and just plain badmouthing her mother, calling her a "whore" (was that really necessary?) and insisting, "It all started with her, but it's going to end with you." Sure, we understand the connection between the parental unit and Brandon James -- she was the young girl he was crushing on, and that sparked his murderous rage -- but seriously, what's the new psycho's problem with Mrs. D?

  2. What does the madman know that Emma doesn't?

    The guy totally knows how to taunt, telling Emma that he's "the only one telling [her] the truth." "Everyone you trust is lying to you, playing with you -- your two-faced friends, your fraud of a family," he told her during one of his creepy calls. Four words for you, Em: Change. Your. Damn. Number.

  3. Are Will and Jake, like, bona fide bad guys?

    It's obvious the two are up to no good, arguing about incriminating computer files and their "cyber connection to Nina." This week, the plot thickened: Jake dug up a hidden box that was supposed to be filled with money, but -- surprise! -- it wasn't. "I took it," Will later explained. "You should be thanking me that I got to the cash before Tyler could." Besides, he continued, "You promised to shut down our little operation -- and I know you haven't." Cash? Operation? Tyler??? What the hell?!

  4. When is everyone going to realize that Tyler's, um, dead?

    Police are convinced that the high-school hottie killed Nina and is continuing his murderous spree in Lakewood -- this week, they even tried to lure him to a rest stop. But look, we aaall saw that very first scene in "Scream"'s very first episode -- and we aaall know Tyler's sleeping with the fishes.

  5. Does Kieran have a shady past?

    We already knew the brooding hunk's mom and stepdad died in an accident just weeks ago, and that he came to Lakewood to live with his father, Sheriff Hudson. But on this week's episode, Kieran revealed another interesting tidbit. After bringing over official police files from the Brandon James case, Emma said, "We don't want you getting arrested." His reply: "It wouldn't be the first time." And yes, since we're totally into bad boys, Kieran just got even hotter.

  6. Is there ANYTHING Brooke won't do?

    Let's see: She's having an affair with her teacher, Mr. Branson. She has cybersex with him and hides "very, very naughty" photos of herself in his classroom to keep him thirsty. Plus she went to a motel to meet him and -- when he hadn't yet arrived (and while a killer was on the loose, no biggie) -- put on a blindfold and handcuffed herself to the bed. Because none of that is risky or anything, right?

  7. Doesn't Mr. Branson know he could go to JAIL for this ish?

    At the very least, Mr. B, you'll look super-cute in orange.

What questions do you want to ask about "Scream"? And do you have any theories/answers to our queries? Sound off in the comments, then catch a new episode on Tuesday at 10/9c!