Feeling Lost Without ‘Pretty Little Liars’ This Week? Here Are 17 Instas To Make You Smile

The Liars in some of their best moments, on and off set.

It looks like "A" is up to his (or her?) old tricks. "Pretty Little Liars" didn't air this week, and our Tuesday night suffered for it. So what do we do when there's no new clues to speculate over? Scroll through Insta and look at all of our fave pics of the Liars, duh!

So until "A" returns, let’s take a look at the girls' Instagram feeds to tide us over. Hey, maybe one of these pictures holds the answer to who "A" really is!

  1. PLL #SquadGoals

    Toby — I mean Keegan Allen — looks so happy in the background there!

  2. Toby does the twist (or something)

    Troian Bellisario shares a behind the scenes picture with her onscreen beau.

  3. Lucy Hale met the Dalai Lama

    Off the set, Lucy got her time off to a wonderful (and impressive) start by meeting the Dalai Lama at his 80th birthday luncheon in Anaheim, California.

  4. Lucy Hale also met some other famous faces

    Also at the Dalai Lama's 80th birthday luncheon, Lucy ran into Lance Bass, Debby Ryan, and Beau Bridges.

  5. Shay Mitchell killing it, Part One

    Shay Mitchell is looking gorgeous and enviable...

  6. Shay Mitchell killing it, Part Two

    ...but when does she not look gorgeous and enviable?

  7. Oh HEY Ezria!

    We wonder if he gave his TV girlfriend that shirt or she bought it. #PLLMysteries

  8. So graceful, Spencer

    Troian strikes a gorgeous aerial yoga pose.

  9. The Liars get some swag

    So cute.

  10. Shay declares pizza to be her one and only

    How could we forget?

  11. The cutest Spoby photoshoot ever

    This is how we envision 20-something Spencer and Toby to be. When the 5 year jump happens, we'll see how right we are.

  12. Ezra puts on his best "Creepy McCreepster" face

    We literally cannot stop laughing at this expression Ian Harding made in this pic.

  13. And for those of you missing the boys...

    Ian wearing his "What Would Ezra Do" shirt.

  14. Oh, Ezra...

    Don't eat cute animals. It's not nice.

  15. Caleb looks as perfect as a picture

    Tyler Blackburn does a "contemplatively hot" pose for the camera.

  16. Toby gives his best Blue Steel

    ::fans self to keep from fainting from the hotness::

  17. Hopefully these images helped a little bit!

    Ian and Tyler know it's sad they weren't on, folks. But they'll be back next week ... along with "A."