The New #LikeAGirl Video Literally Destroys Gender Barriers

Watch girls fearlessly conquer their limitations.

Always had a huge hit on their hands when their first #LikeAGirl ad debuted last summer. The campaign flipped the script on an all-too-popular idiom and turned "like a girl" from an insult into something that anyone, regardless of gender, should aspire to. Now the campaign is back with an equally inspiring new video.

The clip showcases several young girls discussing the barriers they've encountered due to restrictive ideas about gender:

“People think that girls are supposed to be all happy and la-di-da, you know?" one girl laments.

“I can’t really, like, rescue anybody, like, it’s always like the boys who rescue the girls in the stories," another girl said.

They went on to share the various opportunities they lost due to not feeling good enough or not feeling like they were allowed to participate. Then they took their power back by smashing through boxes that bore examples of their limitations.

Documentary filmmaker Lauren Greenfield directed the powerful clip, which feels more like a PSA than an actual advertisement. And hey, even though it's technically an ad, if it empowers even a handful of girls to pursue their passions regardless of gender barriers, then that's OK with us.