Watch Three Zombie-Free Minutes Of 'Fear The Walking Dead' Footage

Hey, zombies. Where you at?

"I haven't worked with any of the walkers yet."

So speaks Kim Dickens, star of "Fear the Walking Dead," the new "Walking Dead" spinoff hitting AMC later this summer. You can sub "seen" in for "worked with," and you'll have an accurate reflection of any and all fans paying attention to the "Fear" marketing campaign so far.

AMC has unleashed a brand new featurette for the "Walking Dead" companion series, and it's the most extensive look yet, with three minutes of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with actors like Dickens, Cliff Curtis and more. Producers Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero and Dave Erickson are all over the piece, too, with Erickson describing the series as "a family drama, first and foremost, [before] it evolves into a genre piece."

But guess who you won't see in the featurette? A single, flipping, zombie.

Dickens goes so far as to say she hasn't worked with any walkers yet; granted, she's only four days into filming at the time, so there's more than enough time for that to change. Still, her comments, combined with the complete absence of walkers in the video, and the lack of walkers in all of the posters and teaser trailers for the series thus far (aside from fearsome footprints), it's hard not to wonder... well, where you at, zombies?

Look, we're getting zombies in "Fear the Walking Dead." It's going to happen. But if you haven't prepared for it already, you ought to prepare for it now: Zombies are not the focus. As Erickson says, "Fear" is "a family drama, first and foremost," and it'll at least begin that way. It'll be all about the characters played by Dickens, Curtis, and their surrounding loved and loathed ones. By all current accounts, we're going to have to work for our first walker sighting. Knowing the walker action from the flag ship "Walking Dead" series, the work and wait should be well worth it — and maybe, just maybe, it'll pay off as soon as Comic-Con this weekend.