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Cara Delevingne Gives Troye Sivan Perfectly On-Fleek Eyebrows: Watch

Note: Definitely keep an eyebrow pencil with you at all times in case you run into Cara.

Imagine you just got invited to a fancy-shmancy red carpet movie premiere in another country with a bunch of glamorous people — what’s your first move?

You dress the f--k up.

No one knows this better than singer and YouTube extraordinaire Troye Sivan, who attended the Sydney, Australia premiere of “Paper Towns” on Sunday (July 5). In a new behind-the-scenes video, the 20-year-old cutie takes us through the process of getting gussied up — there’s the sea salt spray to de-frizz his hurr, the race to buy black jeans because “this s--t’s a premiere and it’s fancy,” and the terrifying, intimidating honor of meeting Cara Delevingne in the flesh.

Now, here’s the thing: you’ve probably daydreamed about the fabulous things you’d say to your fave celebrities if and when you ever meet them IRL. But we’re going to call it now: Troye had THE BEST icebreaker when meeting Cara. Not only did he manage to keep himself composed in front of the striking emerald goddess, but he had the perfect challenge for her: to get his brows on fleek.

Yep, Troye brought his own eyebrow pencil to the premiere and Cara was totally game, going to town on his brows and Cara-fying them to make them as fierce and fabulous as hers. The result? Flawless, natch.

As Troye fans probably remember, he had the honor of visiting the “Paper Towns” set last November alongside a bunch of other famous YouTubers, where he did a fun Q&A video with John Green. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to meet Cara that day, but we’re thinking this makeover magic was well worth the wait.

Watch Troye and Cara’s epic meeting here: