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We Turned Jaden Smith Tweets Into Birthday Cards For His Birthday

Jaden turns 17, and we finally realized his words can make great cards.

It's been a big year for Jaden Smith, who turns 17 on Wednesday (July 8).

Musically, over the last 365, he's started to come into his own: In October, he made multiple appearances on Childish Gambino's Kauai; in November, he released his own Cool Tape Vol. 2, and then in February he dropped This Is The Album.

From a fashion standpoint, he continued to be his one-of-a-kind self. Whether wearing dresses and not apologizing, standing out a Coachella or dressing like a superhero to prom, he was a public champion of unapologetically being yourself.

And then, of course, there's the wisdom nuggets that he drops on Twitter. They're brief, creative and make you think -- basically, they belong on greeting cards. So, to celebrate Jaden's birthday, we decided to turn some of our favorite tweets of his from the last year into birthday cards.

Happy birthday, Jaden. All these cards are from you and for you.

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    Inside: You won't get your cupcake until you answer.

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    Inside: May you shed such tears of joy on your birthday.

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    Inside: I'm not telling what, though.

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    Inside: Just kidding! Don't you see all these people here?

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    Inside: And it's a surprise party. Damnit. I ruined it.

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    Inside: You should be, you're about to get cake all over your face.

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    Inside: Stop thinking about cupcakes for goodness sake!

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    Inside: This was a test, to see if you'd point out that "there" is misspelled.

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    Inside: If you couldn't read that, you've had too much to drink.

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    Inside: May your next year be full of exploration.

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    Inside: It is your party, after all. But everyone would be much more happy if you smiled.

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    Inside: Stay weird.

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    Inside: But you don't. You get all of these presents. All of them.

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    Inside: It's that once-a-year birthday scent. Enjoy it.

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    Inside: It better be least six or you're not getting any presents.

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    Inside: It's the question.

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    Inside: Like the fact that balloon on the right is about to fly away.