Larry Marano/Getty Images

Demi Lovato's 'Cool For The Summer' Lyric Video Might've Out-Butted Bieber

Grab your swimsuit and dive into Demi's new visual.

Demi Lovato's string of pool parties have made it into her "Cool For The Summer" lyric video. And she may have more butts in the video than Justin Bieber's Instagram account.

The too-cool-for-you vibe is everlasting in the visual, which is peppered with lyrics from the song and footage from the last two weeks of promo. Lovato has been performing at radio station-hosted parties across the country, and lots of good-looking people were in attendance. Fortunately, her little slip didn't make an appearance, and everyone's looking hot and cool at the same time, splashing around to the sexy jam.

  1. Look! Didn't I tell you? A butt!
  2. And here's Demi looking as fierce as ever.
  3. And an upside-down butt.
  4. There are lots of people jumping into the pool and an abundance of blow-up things.
  5. There's Jetskiing and general cruising around on the highway.
  6. Oops another butt.
  7. This belly flop looks so painful.
  8. More butts!
  9. Ugh, doesn't Demi look ferociously pretty?
  10. BUTT.