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Drake Is Out Here Meeting Tennis Legends And Enjoying Wimbledon

He's having a ball.

While Drake's supporters clamor for new music, the Toronto rapper is fanning out at Wimbledon.

Drizzy's time at the annual tennis event has been filled with the sport's legendary stars. Here's a look at how the T. Dot MC is making the most of it as a huge aficionado of the game.

  • Just hangin' with Billy Jean King.

    King is a legend. She won six Wimbledon singles championships, among other huge victories. But she might best be known for defeating Bobby Riggs in a renowned and often celebrated match.

    Last name? Ever. First name? One Of The Greatest.

  • And kickin' it with John McEnroe.

    You might remember John McEnroe from House of Pain's "Jump Around" reference, sure. But he was also a tennis icon.

    McEnroe was once loved (and hated) for his fierce "Energy" too, something Drizzy knows a lot about. The winner of 17 Grand Slams is now an analyst.

  • Just chillin' with Novak Djokovic.

    Djokovic has gained recognition as a great and is still just 28, carving out a legacy for himself. Sound familiar?

    Today, the Serbian star reached the quarterfinals after a competitive and close match against Kevin Anderson.

  • And supporting pals like Venus and Serena.

    Venus and Serena faced off yesterday. The California sisters duked it out in a one-sided match. Serena came out victorious. It was definitely a dope moment and one Drizzy wanted to share on IG.

    Of course, this also reminded us of those Drake/Serena dating rumors and the infamous Common battle that came from it. But hey, that's all in the past, right?

  • Oh, and the Drake was enjoying the matches from some great seats.

    Sure, he might not have looked super happy in that photo, but let's face it: tennis can be intense. He was just enjoying the matches with a serious glare.

Didn't know Drake was a huge tennis fan? He's actually a major fan of all sports.

Plus, he's already feuded with a tennis player, so you know it's real. He once dissed Nick Kyrgios for trying to say he lost because he listened to a Drake track. Drizzy's diss? He called him "Nick What's-His-Name."

Drake released If You're Reading This It's Too Late earlier this year and is currently reportedly prepping his next album Views From The 6.

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