11 Justin Bieber Butt Memes That Will Delight And Horrify You

People can’t stop putting Justin Bieber’s booty in weird situations.

Ever since that fateful moment Justin Bieber revealed his bum to the world on Instagram, people on the internet can't stop playing with it — the picture, that is. People have been meme-ifying his Bora-Bora vacation butt in some hilarious ways. An Instagram user has even dedicated themselves to sharing Photoshops of the now-iconic image. There, you'll find Justin in several peculiar situations, including being on the receiving end of some very inappropriate contact by Spongebob Squarepants.

We decided to gather some of the best Justin Bieber butt memes we could find.

  1. The "Landed on the moon" Bieber butt

    (Insert mooning joke here.)

  2. The "Justin Bieber And The Infinite Bootie" Bieber butt
  3. The "Miley Cyrus joined in" Bieber butt

    Miley Cyrus herself actually joined in on the fun, expanding his derriere to Kardashian-like proportions.

  4. The "Women's World Cup" Bieber butt
  5. The "Hello Kitty" Bieber butt
  6. The "turned into Miley Cyrus inexplicably with underwear now" Bieber butt
  7. The "Ruby Rose" Bieber butt

    They're both smokin', so it's like a double compliment, really.

  8. The "Let me Google that for you" Bieber butt
  9. The ... uh ... I don't even know...
  10. The "Pop stars on vacation" Bieber butt

    and finally...

  11. The "I'm so hot mountains are into me" Bieber butt

    I'd be making the same face if I was that mountain.