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See Kendrick Lamar's Brilliant Plan For Uniting Bloods And Crips

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Kendrick Lamar has been working to unite otherwise warring gangs with his music and message for multiple years -- from lyrics to the album cover for "i" -- and now he's using a new medium: Fashion.

For K. Dot's new sneaker release, the Compton native is creating, at the very least, visual harmony between Red and Blue -- signifiers for Bloods and Crips, respectively -- and hopefully more.

Images of the rapper's version of the Reebok Ventilator were posted on Sneakers.FR on Tuesday (July 7), and they're shown to feature the word "Blue" on the left heel, and "Red" on the right; the tongue on both says "Neutral."

It's a principled approach that the To Pimp A Butterfly rapper has hinted he would take -- even with sneakers.

“Anything I do has to be organic, it’s not about just selling, we’re not a playing a numbers game,” he told MTV News last year. “Reebok understands that for sure. I come from a community where they look at me as some type of inspiration, so anything I put my hands on has to have that same type of inspiration.”

He echoed that outlook earlier this year, in a voiceover he gave for a Reebok ad.

“No anonymous posts or spineless sub-tweets will do us justice," he said. "We, the people, can no longer hide. The time is now and they know it, too. For we hold this truth to be self-evident: A wind of change is blowing in.”

According to Hypebeast, the sneakers will be released on July 18 and retail for $142.