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Amy Winehouse Talks Mark Ronson, ‘Rehab’ And Being ‘Mum’ To Her Friends In This 2007 MTV Interview

'I would be on tour for the rest of my life if I could be,' Winehouse told MTV News in 2007.

Amy Winehouse came alive in the spotlight. But she also withered in it, sometimes stumbling during interviews and retreating into a shy, self-conscious bubble of insecurity. The "Back to Black" singer loved performing and recording, but the pressure proved to be all too much for the British songbird, who died at age 27 of an accidental alcohol overdose five years ago.

Her life is being celebrated in the new documentary, "Amy," which takes a look at her meteoric rise, considerable vocal talent and sad descent into substance abuse. MTV News sat down with Winehouse three months after the release of her landmark 2006 album, Back to Black, and we asked the singer about working with then little-known DJ/producer Mark Ronson, the origins of her hit "Rehab," what she thought the prospects of her soon-to-be-Grammy-winning album might be and why she was "mom" (rather, "mum") to her group of friends.

"I've done a record I'm proud of," said Winehouse -- in her signature towering beehive hairdo, Cleopatra eye makeup and huge door-knocker earrings -- in the interview from January 2007. "I like it a lot. And if other people like it... cool."

Although her career ended with an abandoned 2011 tour that got off to a horrendous start, Winehouse explained in the vintage interview that she felt totally comfortable and safe while performing for an audience. "I live to go onstage," she says. "I would be on tour for the rest of my life if I could be... to me, singing on stage is like breathing. ... I'm probably most at peace when I'm singing on stage."