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22 Reasons Why Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke Hernandez Is A Selfie Goddess


Happy birthday to Fifth Harmony's favorite Texan, Ally Brooke Hernandez. The crazy talented chick is 22 today (July 7), and she celebrated on Monday in Vegas, watching Cirque De Soleil and having a grand dinner at Tao.

One of our favorite things about Ally -- besides the fact that she's probably one of the sweetest girls out there -- is that she always finds a reason to take a selfie. She may just be the reason behind the "Them Girls Be Like" lyric, "Take a selfie every night, get at least a hundred likes."

Here are 22 moments -- an appropriate number, I think -- when Ally has found the perfect selfie:

  1. Of course, when she's glam
  2. 'Cause it's not every day you're in London
  3. Glasses selfie
  4. When your lips and nails match
  5. When you're all Brazil everything
  6. Can't not take a selfie when you're with a cat
  7. When you're Minnie Mouse
  8. With her friend Tessa
  9. Showing off her newly shaped eyebrows
  10. Because her hair looks good
  11. When she's on the beach
  12. Going to the Grammys!
  13. Her first mirror selfie
  14. Just because
  15. Contouring on point
  16. Showing off her Popeye's
  17. Making 'I'm in love with the cocoa' wordplay
  18. When she busts out the glasses
  19. When her camera game is soft but that doesn't stop the selfies
  20. When she's a cat. (Just kidding, that's Bobbi, her kitty)
  21. Trying out the black-and-white filter
  22. Feeling strong

What is your favorite Ally selfie? Mine's the one with the kitty. Tell us in the comments!