Jheremy Raapack / DC Comics

Batman V Superman: Vote For Your Favorite Version Of Each Hero, Ever

Who's the REAL World's Finest?

Make no mistake about it, Batman and Superman are the two most iconic superheroes in history -- and next year in "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice," they're butting heads in live-action for the first time ever.

Today's (July 11) Warner Bros. panel at San Diego Comic-Con will probably bring us some more insight into the newest guy to play the caped crusader, Ben Affleck. But are he and Henry Cavill (Superman) the BEST actors to ever don the cowl and the tights since they first both appeared on radio and in the movies in the early 1940s?

Let's be real, even if they are, you've definitely got your own favorites already. Personally, my Batman is always going to be Kevin Conroy, who first began playing the character in "Batman: The Animated Series" and took it all the way through this year's "Arkham Knight" game; whereas the best Superman is CLEARLY Christopher Reeve, guys. He's an icon for a reason, after all.

Below we've amassed some of the most iconic men -- plus one 13 year old boy -- who've appeared as either Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent in a movie, TV show, animated series, or video game. Here's where you come in: rank your favorite Dark Knight and your favorite Son of Krypton out of each pool of actors. Then we'll see who finally comes out on top!

(Although, honestly? The answer is Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman always wins.)



"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" hits theaters March 25, 2016.