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Here's How 5SOS Are Celebrating Ashton's Birthday

Happy 21 years of age, mate!

Happy birthday, Ashton Irwin, you badass rockstar, you. Today (July 7) the 5 Seconds of Summer drummer turns 21. So, how are people celebrating?

  1. His band buddies goofily chimed in, starting with Michael.
  2. Along with Calum.
  3. And Luke.
  4. They're not together now, but this is how we imagine Ash's celebration with his bandmates.
  5. The 5SOS Fam also had stuff planned, like this group who had a meet-up in his honor.
  6. He got a really sweet birthday cake.
  7. KFC wished him a happy birthday, 'cause #brands and because he used to work there.
  8. He's spending the day with his family. Aww!
  9. Meanwhile, we're all playing Hungry 5SOS as Ashton.
  10. So HBD, Ash! Enjoy your day.

What are you guys doing for Ashton Irwin's birthday? Anything?