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What's Ed Sheeran's Preferred Form Of Birth Control?

Because condoms are only 99% effective.

Oh Twitter, whatever did we do before celebs started using you to banter charmingly on the reg?

The answer, of course, is that we wondered at length what our favorite pop stars' stances on contraception were. Yes, long ago, they simply didn't have the medium through which to convey that kind of info casually and immediately.

Luckily, it's the future now. That means when Ed Sheeran wants to tell us his preferred method of birth control, he can. And earlier today (July 7), that's exactly what he did.

It all started with a simple tweet from Christina Perri, who treated us to an emoji-filled sneak peek at her wardrobe plans for her upcoming three-month "Girls Night Out, Boys Can Come Too" tour.

Perri clearly values tops over everything else (even shoes), a fact that Sheeran -- her soon-to-be tourmate for 15 shows in September -- was quick to point out:

Perri replied, detailing her fondness for footwear over denim (note the abundance of sneaker emojis in the initial tweet):

And then Sheeran said something we all know deep in our hearts but rarely muster the courage to speak in public or electronically:

...but THEN, the bombshell:

"Birth Control Effectiveness. Condoms: 99%. Birth Control Pills: 99%. Crocs: 100%."

Mhm. That actually does seem rather accurate. No offense, Mario Batali.

Meanwhile, it looks like Sheeran's been getting caught up with old school episodes of "The Simpsons," when he's not partyin' with The Weeknd and Macklemore or jammin' "Beast of Burden" with The Rolling Stones, that is:

There's so much more to be discovered, Ed. Stay tuned.