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Carly Rae Jepsen Introduces Fans To The Terrifying Demon That Keeps Her In Tune

'Sing well or we'll kill you... slowly.'

Carly Rae Jepsen is letting fans into the process of making EMOTION with her latest behind-the-scenes video. While we see her breaking down her lyrics, putting her heart into her vocals and working on song structure, we also get a fun tidbit at the end of the vid about the studio's "intimidation" tactics.

In the video, starring Tegan & Sara, Dev Hynes, Ariel Rechtshaid and more songwriting buddies, we hear snippets of Carly's upcoming record (it sounds amazing!). In a bloopers section, though, she gets a little silly, introducing us to a knight statue with a scary sword (around 8:05).

"He's like there to make sure I stay in pitch, and my timing is on, and when it's not, he brings out that sword, and he pokes me with it," Carly deadpans, casually munching on a snack. "It's like basically intimidation that they use at this studio, but it works: Sing well or we'll kill you... slowly."

All joking aside, the video takes us inside CRJ's songwriting sessions and gives fans a glimpse at her studio time, which seems intensely creative, but still fun. Check it!

EMOTION is out August 21, 2015.