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From Furiosa To Batfleck, Which Cosplays Will Rule San Diego Comic-Con This Year?


One of our favorite pastimes at San Diego Comic-Con year after year is admiring all of the amazing cosplayers that attend the Con and the hours of work they put into their masterpieces. This year will be no exception as MTV News heads to San Diego to cover all of the jaw-dropping cosplay (and, you know, some panels) this weekend.

What creative costumes can we expect this year? We predict "Mad Max" and all of its gloriously wacky characters will be in high demand, as will the highly anticipated faces of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" -- Rey, Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron, Finn and superstar droid BB-8 (!!) -- and "Batman V Superman." (One word: Batfleck.)

Below, we've listed our top 13 predictions, from Immortan Joans to Night's Kings. And don't forget to vote in the poll at the bottom to tell us which cosplay you think will rule SDCC this year.

  1. Immortan Joan

    Oh my god. I want nothing more than an army of Immortan Joans wreaking havoc on Hall H this year. Take down the patriarchy one misguided War Boy at a time, ladies -- and I'll carry you all, one by one, through the gates of Valhalla.

  2. War Boys

    So shiny! So chrome! Expect these guys to be crawling around the convention center this SDCC. And the cosplay is hella easy to pull off: distressed combat pants, black-and-white body paint or chalk, and some scars -- which you can do yourself with a little makeup! Larry and/or Barry are optional. Whatever you do, definitely don't forget your edible chrome spray.

  3. Imperator Furiosa

    Perhaps the most iconic look from the movie, expect to see a lot of Furiosas this SDCC. Grab an infinity scarf, a whole lot of belts and maybe a prosthetic arm if you have one lying around (a similar effect can be created with dark makeup, FYI) and have yourself a lovely day at Comic-Con.

  4. Rey from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"

    By far one of the trickiest cosplays to attempt this SDCC -- partially because we only have a few photos of Rey to give us ~inspo~ -- the new "Star Wars" heroine will no doubt be a popular option for starved fans sick and tired of Slave Leia. (Sorry not sorry.) The good news is Daisy Ridley's desert scavenger looks cozy af in her outfit.

  5. BB-8

    You may think it's physically impossible to cosplay as the "Star Wars" 'verse's scene-stealing new droid, but I assure you it's not. THE PEOPLE WILL FIND A WAY. I believe in you, future BB-8s!

  6. Ant-Man

    There has to be some interest in this Marvel movie at SDCC, right? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

  7. Peggy Carter

    If you're not cosplaying as Marvel #1 lady (in my heart), then you're doing Comic-Con all wrong. We'll even do you a solid and tell you where you can find Peggy's amazing lipstick. (It's Bésame Cosmetics' 1946 Red Velvet Lipstick.)

  8. Batfleck

    DO YOU BLEED?! Of course you do! That's a silly question. I expect there to be lots of glowy-eyed Batflecks at SDCC this year. That Batsuit can't be too hard to recreate, can it?

  9. Wonder Woman
    Colin Douglas Gray for MTV

    There was a general wave of discontent that rippled across the internet when Gal Gadot's gritty Wonder Woman costume was revealed for the first time last year. However, thanks to a new colorful glimpse at the iconic Amazonian super-suit, the sentiment has (mostly) changed for the better. Expect to see plenty of Wonder Women take center stage at this year's SDCC in anticipation of DC's "Batman V Superman."

  10. Night's King

    Want to look like the baddest BOSS in Hardhome? Follow these DIY instructions and you, too, can look the most powerful being in the Seven Kingdoms. Bonus points if you get the nails just right. And if you want to really go all out, MTV News chatted with Barrie Gower, prosthetics designer on "Game of Thrones," and got the inside scoop on how the Night's King was created -- from pointy head to toenail.

  11. Dead Jon Snow

    This is just a given. Take your Jon Snow cosplay from last year, add a few stab wounds and fake blood and vuala! You're a giant walking "GoT" spoiler!

  12. Owen Grady from "Jurassic World"

    The most basic (and slightly bro-y) of all the potential cosplay options this year, Chris Pratt's "Jurassic World" hero Owen Grady should be a pretty popular pick for the frugal SDCC goer. Now, add a few raptors to your Comic-Con squad and THEN you have my full attention. The more dinosaurs at SDCC, the better.

  13. Claire from "Jurassic World"

    But really, why would you be Owen when you have the opportunity to cosplay as the real hero of "Jurassic World?" Claire would be an awesome (and quite easy) cosplay to create. All you need is a red wig, white shirt, white skirt and a pair of white heels. Although, you do have to wear those heels all day, errday -- no matter how long you have to wait in line for Hall H -- so make sure they're comfy.

Which cosplay do you think will rule Comic-Con this year? Now that you've seen my picks, vote in the poll below!