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Kim Kardashian Or Miley Cyrus: Who Had The More 'Merican 4th Of July Outfit?

The Fourth of July's most unlikely showdown.

The holiday weekend has brought us an unlikely showdown between Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. Both ladies proudly showed off their patriotic Fourth of July ~lewks~ on Instagram and as one would expect, both were extravagant and over-the-top… but who did it better?

First up? Miley. This girl partied with her usual crew of Wayne Coyne and Mike Will Made It at a Fourth of July bash over the weekend. She donned a crocheted, American flag bikini top and sparkly American flag shorts. Lest you assume it ends there, Miley bedazzled her eyebrows and plastered red, white, and blue stickers all over her face and body.

Next up: Kim, who seems to really be embracing her mom persona. Like Miley, she also wore American flag shorts, but that’s probably the most subdued article of clothing on her. Kim rocked knee-high socks, a trucker hat that said “‘MERICA” on it, and an American flag fanny pack that appears to have speakers in it.

Both of these outfits are stars in their own right, but if we had to give it up to one, we’d have to go with Kim. While Miley’s is over-the-top, it’s a very Miley-esque ensemble. Kim Kardashian wearing a USA-inspired boombox fanny pack? That’s not something you see every day.