Here's Why Guys Should Man Up And See 'Magic Mike XXL'

Men, you need to see this.

"Magic Mike XXL" exploded at the box office over the holiday weekend, and so did a whole lot of ovaries.

According to Variety, the five-day take for "Magic Mike XXL" was just shy of $27 million. And of that $27 million, a whopping $26.5 million -- or around 96% -- came out of lady moviegoers' wallets.

With men and woman going to the movies in general in pretty much perfectly equal proportions these days, the numbers for "Magic Mike XXL" represent a record-breaking gender split.

To put it in perspective, the audience for "Pitch Perfect 2" skewed 75% female, and the audience for "Fifty Shades of Grey", 68% -- which means that guys would rather submit to two hours in the Red Room of Pain than watch the greatest male strip show on the planet.

Which, let's be real, is ridiculous. Guys are skipping "Magic Mike XXL" in droves, not even realizing what they're missing. To push them in the right direction, we're rounding up a few good reasons why men need to see this movie.

  • "Magic Mike XXL" is totally for dudes.
    Warner Bros.

    Don't be scared, gents: despite its overwhelmingly female audience, this film is pure testosterone. "Magic Mike XXL" is an action-packed story of men. MEN! Manly, sweaty, masculine men on a hero's quest for glory. It's basically "The Hunt for Red October," only with thongs.

  • It's very educational.
    Warner Bros.

    What do women want, you ask? Dunno, but they're obviously getting it from this movie, which means that you, sir, should show up and take notes if you've ever yearned to know the mysteries of the female mind.

  • Plus, you might learn some new moves.

    Imagine the roar of approval when you bust this one out at your cousin's wedding.

  • It's a great place to meet women, obviously.
    Warner Bros.

    Much as guys who brave a visit to their local yoga studio are rewarded with a treasure trove of spandex-clad, fitness-minded eye candy, your local evening screening of "Magic Mike XXL" is a veritable buffet of ladies who all share a keen appreciation for the male form in motion. Go with your bros, and feast.

  • It's Soderbergh. Soderbergh!
    Warner Bros.

    Even though the famous director has quote-unquote "retired" from filmmaking, he was behind the camera and in the editing suite for "Magic Mike XXL" -- which means that this movie is more than a butt show, it's also art.