Oreo Thins Are Coming To Make You Fat

Here's the skinny on Oreo's brand new line of cookies.

Get ready, Oreo fans: the cookie maker has an entirely new line of tasty treats ready to reduce your bankroll and widen your waistline. Or... Will they? Because the new line is called Oreo Thins, and they're a whole five millimeters skinnier than your regular, run of the mill Oreo.

Don't go thinking they're diet Oreos, though. MTV News had a chance to try the cookies in advance of their release on July 13 (or sooner, but more on that in a second), and they're just as tasty as their big brothers. There are three flavors in the line, too, but are not all created evenly:

  • Original

    Yep, these are original Oreos, all right! It's probably important to mention right off that as these sat next to my desk, whenever anyone would grab a cookie to try it out, they wouldn't grab just one -- their chubby, Oreo-snagging fingers would automatically take two cookies. That's a little bigger than the size of a regular Oreo -- Oreo regulars are 12.5mm thick, versus the 7.5mm thick of the Thins.

    Whether it's the size, or my imagination, these cookies were a little crispier; and possibly more importantly, they hold together a little better. The only downside? It's a little harder to twist off the top cookie and then lick out the cream, mostly because I was shoving these in my mouth so quickly.

  • Mint

    This one was the winner in my -- and other's -- mind, with multiple people declaring, "Hey, it's just like a thin mint!" Of the three, this cookie also seems to capture the feeling Oreo is hoping to get off of this cookie: a more refined, delicate eating experience (versus, say, the horrifying monstrous mouth-jam I was doing with the original flavor).

    These were delicious, lightly mint flavored and a chocolate cookie, perfect for tea-time, a fancy party, or jamming in your mouth fourteen at a time.

  • Golden

    I've never been a huge fan of the Golden Oreos, mostly because they make me feel sad that I'm not eating regular Oreos. But these were actually pretty good... Because they're thinner, the vanilla cookie doesn't overwhelm the cream, and they taste more like a wafer cookie than Oreos that got scared.

    Though I'd personally rank the Original right below the Mint Thins, the group consensus was that the Golden ones were as good, if not the winner. Let's call it a tie between Mint and Golden and just eat them until we get sick.

So as I mentioned above, Oreo Thins will hit stores everywhere on July 13, with a suggested retail price of $4.59 per package. But if you can't wait that long, on July 7 Oreo will send out a "Thinvitation" to fans via @Oreo on social media, and fans who post using #oreothins will be #thinvited (sigh) to enter for a chance to get a free taste of Oreo Thins.

Don't mind us, in the meantime, we'll be quaintly stuffing out faces with cookies.