Miquel Benitez/Getty Images

It's OK Guys, Jessie J Is Out Of The Hospital And Ready To Perform Again

"Celebrate every tiny victory" indeed.

Two weeks ago, Jessie J took to Instagram to let her fans know she'd just undergone surgery. Since then, J has been hospital-ridden while she recuperates; meanwhile, her Instas have certainly taken on an air of yearning.

But on Saturday (July 4), she posted an update with good news -- she's out! And she's on track to hop back onstage and perform.

"I'm out of hospital," the caption read. "Still very fragile but much better. I will be at Wireless tomorrow. Not my usual crazy running around self yet but I will be there. Can't wait."

Indeed, J is slated to perform at the Wireless Festival in London today, and so far, things are looking good. This is all especially good news because of some of her earlier comments around the time of her surgery. Jessie mentioned how the hospital had been her "secret second home" for her entire life, and in March, she had to cancel her entire Australian tour due to health concerns.

In light of all that, being able to keep her scheduled slot at Wireless must feel pretty darn good. Here's to the masses who get to sing along to "Flashlight" at Jessie's return show across the pond. Lucky them!