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Miguel's Steamy New Music Video Is Really Three Videos In One

"...goingtohell" x "Coffee" x "NWA" = yes.

Miguel just dropped a brand new video — or three. The pop star just released a brand new short film called "WILDHEART Chapter 1: Find What You Love And Let It Kill You," which features three tracks from his new album, Wildheart.

Opening with "...goingtohell," the video finds Miguel and a blue-haired companion sharing a bit of indiscreet heavy petting in gallery, followed by some more domestic steaminess to the tune of "Coffee." “Pillow talk turns into coffee in the morning,” croons Miguel — we’re treated to several steamy shots of him and his boo as they act out that very scenario.

Then, a scene change -- it’s a new day, and Miguel takes a stroll around his neighborhood as his song “NWA” plays. Kurupt, the legendary LA rapper who appears on the song, drives by and steals the show with a verse delivered out his car window.

While you wait for the rest of the album to receive the short film-style video treatment (fingers crossed!), check out our recent interview with Miguel below.