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Here's The Latest Hip-Hop Guru Will Smith Says Is Helping Him Out In The Studio

The Fresh Prince is about to be running through the 6.

It looks like the music career of a certain man in black is back on track.

Complex reports that today, Will Smith called in to his son Jaden’s new Beats 1 radio show to announce that he’s working with a new collaborator on an unidentified project.

That collaborator? None other than Drake!

This raises all sorts of questions — is Drake going to make Will open up about his feelings? It wouldn’t be anything new for the actor, as he’s been letting it all hang out emotionally since Drake was in diapers. Case in point:




The mind boggles at what Drake-y observations Will Smith would have to offer about romance — specifically, marriage — in the iPhone age. Will he sample voicemails from his wife, Jada, reminding him to pick up groceries? Will he read Jaden's tweets? What would the Men In Black think of Tinder?

Or, perhaps he’ll adopt the more hard-edged, swagged-out persona Drake displayed on his more recent mixtape. Smith has been gettin' jiggy for more than 20 years, so it shouldn’t take much to get him back on track.

Drake isn’t the only rapper helping out Will in the studio. A few months ago, we brought you the news that Smith was working with Kanye West on new music. Yes, you should be very, very excited for this album.