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Harry Styles: 1D Is Having The 'Best' Shows Ever Without Zayn Malik

It's been 100 days without Zayn.

It's been around 100 days since Zayn Malik left One Direction, and things are going just peachy for the now-foursome, according to Harry Styles. [Insert the slant-lip emoji guy here.]

The band has been forging on with its tour across Europe, and Styles told Entertainment Weekly that even without Malik, the shows have been "incredible."

"Some of the best we’ve had!" the Brit pop sensation exclaimed.

There is one notable change they've had to make to the style of the 1D sets, though.

"The parts Zayn sang have been picked up by different people," he explained. "Other than that, the shows have been going absolutely great."

One such example is the hit "Story Of My Life," which included a critical Zayn solo. But Styles said it would be "devastating" to remove that number from their set list, so it's been Liam Payne pinch-hitting for the high notes portion on that song. "He kicks them in the bollocks every show. He doesn’t hold back," Harry said.

Well, consider us impressed.

"The other guys have picked up [Zayn’s] parts," added Styles. "We all know the songs well enough to do that."

Styles also reported that Directioners can expect some new music from the group in the very near future, as they're currently writing and recording their next album. "The songs are coming together quickly, so we’re buzzing with the new stuff," he said.