Jeff Kravitz/BMA2015/FilmMagic

Taylor Swift Set Calvin Harris' Heart Aflame With This Particular Set Of Skills

Grill skills, you know?

The Fourth Of July isn't really the most romantic of holidays -- seeing as how it's all about a bunch of old dudes signing a piece of paper (to put it painfully simply). Still, it looks like Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are making plenty of fireworks on their own as the pair fires up the grill this holiday weekend.

I profusely apologize for both the cheesy and potential fatally flammable nature of the previous sentence.

Moving on, Harris shared a snap heading into the weekend of Taylor poised at the grill, cooking up what appears to be a mess of... is that sweet potatoes, sprouts and some form of animal flesh? Delicious. The caption reads: "She cooks too." That we know all too well, Calvin Adam. Perhaps she also baked up some cookies for dessert?

I'm not sure exactly where Tay and Calvin are currently, but given the seaside view, I'm going to wager... perhaps Taylor's place in Watch Hill, Rhode Island?

Either way, enjoy all the America, Tay and Cal! Enjoy all the America.