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What's Rihanna Like As A Kidnapper? We Asked Her 'BBHMM' Co-Star

We also hear RiRi's a 'fun' director to work with.

Additional reporting by Christina Garibaldi

If you're like us, you're probably still in awe of how badass Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" is. You're also likely watching that video on repeat today. We can't blame you.

On Thursday (July 2), we paused the clip long enough to interview Rachel Roberts, Rihanna's co-star in the revenge tale -- you know, the one who gets kidnapped. She was kind enough to share some of the magic it took to make such a wow-worthy vid with RiRi the #DigitalQueen sitting in the director's throne.


"She was actually really well prepared," Roberts told MTV News. "She had a complete vision for what she wanted. She made everyone feel part of the team. She paid attention to all the details of everything, so much so that she actually had grills made specifically for me from Paris."

Having a superstar singer as director also kept things "fun" on the set... even when Roberts was violently kidnapped as part of the video's plot.


"It was definitely a fun environment," Roberts noted. "It was a roller coaster ride. We had helicopters and boats and gunfire. I was being locked in a trunk, put under water, and hung upside down, so every day was an adventure."

Some of those adventurous moments presented challenges, too.

"I can tell you the most challenging was the underwater scene where I was holding my breath while Rihanna held me under," she said. "I thought, you know, I'm pretty good in water, but there's still a sense of nervousness just because it's water."


And while some may think the nudity was also tough to deal with, Roberts said it was NBD.

"I liked that there was a real story behind the video, how ambitious it was, and it pushed the envelope," she explained. "As for the topless side of it, I've done a lot of photo shoots in Europe where that's not such a big deal and the MegaForce directors are French, so I knew what to expect."

So, what did Roberts think about the end result?

"I loved the video," she said. "It's better than what I imagined. Rihanna definitely knows how to get a reaction."

Ain't that the truth? Watch "BBHMM" below and remember, it's NSFW: