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27 Awkward AF Facebook Statuses We All Wrote In Middle School

Get ready to cringe.

Ahh, middle school -- the glory days, as some might call it. (Does anyone actually call it that? Probably not.)

But still, middle school undeniably had its charms like the relatively easy classes and the beauty of getting out of school by 3 p.m. These perks were almost enough to outweigh the horror that is fluorescent lighting. And then there was Facebook. You updated your status after school. You updated it in between classes.

As soon as the social network hit the big time, it was immediately a repository for some of the best thoughts middle schoolers have ever had. I dug deep into the depths of mine and my friends' FB timelines to compile a list of 100% authentic cringeworthy statuses we were ALL guilty of sharing with the internet:

  1. Angsty song lyrics

    I think this lyric really represents the confusion of life as a teen.

  2. Angsty poems
  3. Just so much angst in general
  4. *Deep* quotes
  5. Too deep, even

    Which, of course, led to deep discussions in the comments.

  6. Complaints about school
  7. Complaints about homework
  8. Excitement when you finally finish the homework

    Haters gonna hate.

  9. Sometimes you just wanted someone to hang out with you...
  10. ...but you had to be sure they had your digits
  11. When you did have plans, everyone knew what they were...
  12. ...and that you were crazy excited for them
  13. Sometimes you forgot how to spell in all that excitement
  14. And if your plans got cancelled, you had to let the world know...
  15. ...and subtly tell off whoever cancelled that you were SO OVER their drama

    Tell em, girl.

  16. You wrote about your crush without using their name

    You secretly hoped they'd be able to tell it was about them.

  17. Maybe you were just hangry...

    This was code for "bring me food, friends."

  18. ...but not for long!
  19. Sometimes you posted really obvious stuff, like the time of day...
  20. ...or the weather...
  21. ...or the holidays...

    And of course, you never deleted the automatically inserted “is,” even when it didn’t fit.

  22. There were posts that made no sense whatsoever
  23. OK, there were many posts that made zero sense

    Your friends were always there to point out your blunder.

  24. You posted fun facts about yourself
  25. And don't forget about "hacking" your BFF's account
  26. Pretty much everything you did was boring
  27. There were a lot of sad faces with equal signs

But no matter what you posted in middle school, just know that we’re all right there with you.