13 Drawings That Imagine One Direction As The Avengers, Puppies And More

And this is what they'd look like as 'Inside Out' characters.

If you've ever wanted to know what One Direction would look like if they were the Avengers or as women or as puppies, then let these amazing artists bring your dreams to life.

I was exploring the lovely drawings of Zayn on Tumblr, when I came across these insanely beautiful (and crazy imaginative) pieces from 1D fans. The following art imagines the guys as anything other than what they are -- a band. I'm constantly amazed by how many talented fan artists there are out there, but hey, when you love something, let it inspire you, right?

"They all just have such amazing personalities that they really do come across like characters sometimes," Dani B., the artist behind believeinbritboys.tumblr.com, told me (a bunch of her images are included below). "And they're relatable! You get invested in them and their lives, and it's nice to draw them in situations that are entertaining."

Entertaining, it is. Try not to smile while looking at some of the coolest art out there. (Make sure you click on the credit in the lower right corner to go to the artist's site!)

And, spoiler, Zayn is in some of them, so brace yourself emotionally, if need be.

  1. 1D as the Avengers
  2. Louis and Harry as mermen
  3. 1D as Disney's Dalmatians
  4. 1D as Disney princes
  5. Harry as the Banana King
  6. The boys as medieval pub crawlers
  7. Harry as a dragon master
  8. 1D as classed up Met Ball ladies
  9. 1D as puppies. OMG.
  10. Larry as foxes
  11. 1D as snow bunnies
  12. 1D as the emotions from 'Inside Out'
  13. Liam as Chris Pratt from 'Jurassic World'

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