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Miley Cyrus Wears Her Support Of Gender Fluidity Across Her Chest

Last month, Laura Jane Grace performed in a black mesh jersey emblazoned with the slogan "Gender Is Over! (If You Want It)." The shirt was designed by Marie McGwier and Nina Mashurova and comes from their Gender Is Over! project, which stems from "a lifelong frustration with normative binary gender roles and coercive gendering, a belief in self-determination, and a love of wearing black mesh in the summer."

After gaining the support of the Against Me! frontwoman, Marie tweeted at Miley Cyrus, offering a tank.

Well, it looks like she took her up on her offer. Miley recently opened up about her gender fluidity in a Paper Magazine feature and has been profiling transgender and gender expansive individuals through her #InstaPride campaign. Now, thanks to this tank, Miley can broadcast her unwavering support loud and clear.

If you want to join Miley and Laura Jane Grace in support against "society's emphasis on assigned binary gender roles," we have some good news—you can buy one of the jerseys for $25. While the project is "very, very DIY," you can put your name on a list and Marie and Nina will be in touch. For full deets, head over to the Gender Is Over! site.