This Modern Trailer For 'The Lion King' Is Way More Intense Than The Original

Cue all the feels.

For most of us, "The Lion King" was one of the defining movies of our childhoods. Simba, Nala and Rafiki were household names and "The Circle of Life" blared on repeat from our tape decks every day. But what if the 1994 classic had come out today? What would the trailer look like?

Video editor Ryan Shukis wondered just that and decided to make modern version of the Disney classic's trailer:

As a refresher, here's what the original movie trailer looked like:

The modern version trades the original trailer's friendly narrator for a powerful Mufasa voiceover, employs some theatrical music courtesy of "Pan" and pulls some of the more poignant lines from the film for dramatic effect. When Shukis' trailer is played next to the original one, with its upbeat music and not-so-subtle marketing speak from Disney, it almost feels like it's for a totally different film.

Shukis has also made modern trailers for "Jaws" and "The Little Mermaid," among others.

While it's fun to see what "The Lion King" would have looked like if were it made in 2015, we're pretty happy it wasn't. Nothing beat those "Hakuna Matata" sing-a-longs on the way home from school.