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Ariana Grande's New Lyrics Have Us Feeling So Cuddly

'He knows just what it does when he's holding me tight.' Aww!

Ariana Grande just got "lyrics AF" on Twitter, meaning that, yes, she revealed some lyrics.

Bae tweeted "he knows just what it does when he's......... and he calls me moonlight too" on Wednesday afternoon (July 1). The sentence, which uses ellipses to omit some words, is most likely lyrics from "Moonlight," off her upcoming album by the same name.

So then we were left to fill in the blanks. When he's... happy? When he's... turnt? When he's... eating chocolate chips? Ugh! The suspense! At least Ari knows that her fans might play dirty ad-libs with that sentence, so she joked and then went on to clarify, giving out even more lyrics along the way.

Ari has teased a tidbit of these lyrics before, posting a clip on her Snapchat last month:

She revealed to a fan that "Moonlight" is a song she worked on with Victoria Monet, who contributed to her My Everything album.

Back in May, she revealed lyrics to what might be the intro of Moonlight:

And some snippets have been making their way online:

Here's another:

Cheers to everyone out there trying to piece together Ariana's music, just like me. We'll get something new eventually!