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9 Things You Learn About Yourself By Watching 'The Bachelorette'

Who says this isn't an educational program?

You've started wishing the weekend would be over so that it could just be Monday night already. You've gotten into a full-blown argument with your BFF over whether Nick is to be trusted, and for all intents and purposes, you are at least as stressed as Kaitlyn over the fact that it's getting down to the wire.

Watching "The Bachelorette," is something between a guilty pleasure and a part-time job for you, so it's a good thing you're learning about more than just sumo wrestling and the Alamo in the process. Here are nine valuable lessons you take in while Kaitlyn is giving out roses.

  1. Juggling more than a couple guys in a row sounds like a fate worse than loneliness

    Watching Kaitlyn swim through a whole swarm of egos and neediness is enough to make you rethink that plan to simultaneously date the entire lacrosse team.

  2. You could use a Chris Harrison in your life

    He pops in just when you need him. He helps you keep things in perspective when you're getting too dramatic. He's cute. He's successful. Wait. Is he single?

  3. You kind of do care what kind of car a guy drives

    Apparently, "Cupcake Mobile" cancels out "Dentist." Poor Cupcake was sweet though.

  4. You’ll put up with a lot of nonsense from a guy who is hot enough

    A lesser man would have been booted several "important" talks ago.

  5. Your “bromance”-dar sucks

    You really thought they were here for Kaitlyn.

  6. Sadly, you still occasionally fall for a dude who claims to be a “good guy”

    Oh, the shame of admitting that "Tony the Healer" was your favorite out of the gate.

  7. You love a guy who has a good sense of your good sense of humor

    Who needs a funny dude when you can find someone who's down to watch you laugh at your own jokes?

  8. You find few things less fun than a guy who has “too much fun”

    Shots! Shots! Not! Hot!

  9. You know crying will get you nowhere

    You're old enough to know that you should wait until you get home and then sob over a pint or three of ice cream.