33 Norman Reedus Selfies That Will Make You Bite Your Face Off

RIP, face. I was rather attached to you.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's officially that time of year. Starting on Wednesday (July 8), what seems like millions of people will pour into the downtown San Diego, hoping to nab a hard-to-find comic or an even harder-to-find selfie with a celebrity.

One of those people, of course, will be "The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus -- but unlike the rest of us, Reedus gets to take selfies with any goddamn celebrity he chooses at San Diego Comic-Con... and at New York Comic Con, and Wizard Con, and in his basement, on the street, and so on and so forth.

Reedus essentially established himself as the King of the Celebrity Selfie when the rest of Hollywood was still figuring out what the Kelvin filter was and why it freaking existed, which is why we at MTV News have decided to honor the man... with a compilation of his finest selfies.

Dig in below!

  1. With the Governorator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Why can't we all throw back a cold one with the Terminator?

  2. With Lana Del Ray.

    He even got her to smile!

  3. With James McAvoy.

    Two SDCC peas in a pod.


    Oh, so this is what that song "Sexual Healing" was referring to.

  5. With... who's this guy, again?

    I forget.

  6. With Bill Effing Murray.


  7. With Bob Odenkirk AKA "Better Call Saul."

    Whatever Norman did, you can count on Saul getting him out of trouble.

  8. With Michael Rooker AKA Merle.

    Bonus points for Merle being mid-bite.

  9. With Robert Downey Jr.

    Clearly Norman's favorite Avenger...

  10. With Chris Hemsworth.

    ... Or not.

  11. With Diane Kruger.

    Too cool for school, these two.

  12. With Queen Christina Applegate.

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  13. With Joe Dirt.

    Um, no comment.

  14. With literally the entire squad.

    Of COURSE Norman was an early pioneer with the selfie stick.

  15. With Melissa.

    OTP, sorry not sorry.

  16. With Shaun White.

    Why did Shaun hurt you, BB?

  17. With Cah-rul.

    That little bastard never shares.

  18. With all of SDCC.

    Is that me in row 68?!

  19. With Abraham.

    Facial hair overload.

  20. With Aaron Paul.

    Walkin' bad.

  21. With Jimmy Fallon.

    It's definitely not "ew."

  22. With Kate McKinnon.

    BRB, petitioning now for a Reedus "Ghostbusters" cameo.

  23. With Fred Armisen and Agent Dale Cooper.

    That's a damn fine selfie. Damn fine.

  24. With Conan O'Brien.

    Ginger selfies are the best selfies.

  25. With Robert Downey Jr. AGAIN -- and, you know, Alison Williams.

    Me and Robert and the hopefully-not-dying "Girls."

  26. With HERSHEL.

    Miss you forever.

  27. With Kelly Clarkson.


  28. With Whoopi.

    She's got an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, a Tony, and a Selfie with Normie.

  29. With The Situation.

    Get crazy. Get wild.

  30. With Jeff Bridges.

    Rad, dudes.

  31. With Walt, Jr.

    Did they get breakfast later? I'd like to think they did.

  32. With some "SNL" cats.

    Even Drunk Uncle (Bobby Moynihan) sobers up when Normie is around.

  33. With an actual cat.

    All cats are celebrities, in their own minds.