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Watch Lily Allen Burn This 'F--k Off Kanye' Flag

Lily Allen has a message for Kanye West's haters.

Kanye West has haters, but Lily Allen isn't one of them.

On Tuesday (Jun. 30), the singer proved it by sharing videos of her burning an anti-Yeezy symbol at Glastonbury.

"The flag said 'F--k Off Kanye,'" she wrote on Instagram. "So I burned it 'til it said just 'Kanye.' Don't go for dinner at someone's house and tell them their food sucks. I should be clear that this picture was taken before Kanye played on Saturday."

Here's a look at how she did it with Ye's "All Day" as the soundtrack:

Some people were so upset that Yeezus headlined Glastonbury that they petitioned to get him booted from the bill. They wanted someone who plays an instrument instead, they said. But 'Ye shut that down when he hit the stage and told the crowd that he's the "greatest living rockstar on the planet," according to People.

Other musicians have also defended Yeezy. Dave Grohl, for instance, said Kanye headlining the British fest would make for a great moment in rock 'n' roll.

Lily Allen didn't just defend Ye, though. She's also worked with Kanye on Common's "Drivin' Me Wild." And then, in 2014, she named her album Sheezus as a nod to Yeezus. Last year, Allen said Kanye's response to her naming her album after his was, "That's dope."