Shay Mitchell Is On Vacation (Again) And Her Photos Will Give You Serious FOMO

Her body's hot like summer.

Shay Mitchell is on another one of her glamorous Shaycations right now -- looking like an actual goddess, as per usual -- and we have serious FOMO (again). Girl, we have a passport. Invite us next time!

The "Pretty Little Liars" is currently enjoying a holiday in the sun in Hong Kong for her "Shaycation" digital series, and homegirl is living it up. How is Shay Buttah living it up, you say? Just let us count the ways. (Warning: drooling may occur.)

  1. This is how Shay relaxes by the pool.

    Why does our hair not do that when we're in the pool?

  2. This is her gorgeous hotel view.

    What's that? Only the most magical sunset ever.

  3. Don't be alarmed.

    Angels do walk among us.

  4. OK. One more look at this gorgeous view.

    FOMO. We have it.

  5. She spends her vacay perusing the night markets.

    Shay's cool like that.

  6. Sightseeing around the town.

    We want to go there.

  7. Eating delicious things.


  8. And ever MORE delicious things.

    Same, girl. Same.

  9. In her sexy lingerie because of course.

    We're almost positive she woke up like that.

  10. But she always stops to appreciate the beauty around her.

    OK, this might actually be the most magical sunset ever.

  11. Especially the beauty that is herself and her squad.

    She's always keeping it 100.