Guido Mieth / Getty Images

'The Way We Met' Instagram Will Make You Quit Your Tinder Addiction

It's like a 'Humans of New York' for couples.

If you're single, you probably get a little sick of hearing "how we met" stories. If you're coupled up, though, there's likely no story you love telling more than how you met your S.O. Whether it was at a coffee shop, in the produce section at the grocery store or online, every couple has a story of their very own. And according to a study conducted in the '90s, those stories are more than just party conversation -- they can actually indicate how successful (or unsuccessful) that particular relationship will be down the line.

Something that important is bound to have its own Instagram account, right? Enter @thewaywemet, a new, quickly growing account that tells just that. Started by Los Angeles comedian Brooklyn Sherman, the account has a simple goal: sharing stories about love.

Though they're all great, here are a few of our favorite stories:

Anyone can submit to the account, so if you and your boo have the greatest "how we met" story of all time, get to submitting.