Improv Everywhere

This Is The Best Thing To Ever Come Out Of A Porta Potty

There's something much better than a full roll of toilet paper in there.

There are few things more unpleasant than using a porta potty. They smell bad, they're hot, and more often than not, they're filled with some kind of ... surprise. But at this year's Governor's Ball, those surprises were a little more pleasant than your typical experience.

In Improv Everywhere's "The Magical Porta Potty," festivalgoers got more than they bargained for when mariachi bands, gospel choirs and dance troupes came streaming out of what looked like an ordinary porta potty.

Improv Everywhere is known for their public pranks like "Frozen Grand Central" in 2008 and a "No Pants Subway Ride" in 2009. A member of the talented group is friends with two of Gov Ball's founders, the team's website explains, and that's how this magical prank came together. After some creative porta potty remodeling and a few strategically placed GoPro cameras, the stunt was ready to go.

While it would be pretty startling to open a porta potty door to a marching band, we've gotta say it's a way better alternative to some of the horrors we've seen in those infamous outdoor stalls.