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50 Cent Can't Believe Bobby Shmurda Hasn't Been Bailed Out Yet

And he's pointing the finger at Sha Money XL.

Just because 50 Cent once called you an ally, doesn't mean he'll be in your corner forever. We've seen it with friends-turned-foes like Game, and we've seen it with Sha Money XL, who worked closely with Fif early in his career, and produced on Get Rich or Die Tryin'.

The two have since fallen out, and their careers have continued to evolve separately, with Sha becoming EVP of Urban A&R for Epic Records and last year signing Bobby Shmurda.

But, 50 can't understand why Sha hasn't posted bail for Shmurda, who's been locked up since December as he awaits trial. So he called him out for it.

"I ain't like Sha Money," the Queens rapper said onstage Tuesday night at XXL's Freshman concert in New York. "Sha Money, Bobby Shmurda's still in the joint. They left the n---as in the jailhouse -- the whole GS9."

This isn't the first time Fif has gone after Sha for not putting up money for the Brooklyn rapper -- whose bail is $2 million -- to be able to temporarily walk free.

“With 50, he bailed out [Young] Buck and helped [Tony] Yayo all the time," Sha said in February, following criticisms 50 made earlier this year. "Those are the boutique labels, where you got that brother that’s there that feels compassion and could do things that’s not as corporate,” said Sha. “It’s not like a social worker. They’re not here to worry about what happens in your private life. Those are the choices you make in your private life.”

“The company did help. Was it enough? Was it what they would call enough? I couldn’t say that. They did a lot. More than I’ve seen others do. I would like to say it’s not their fault. They shouldn’t be to blame.”

Shmurda, meanwhile, last week was given an October start date for his trial. He has pleaded not to guilty conspiracy to commit murder in the second degree and one count of criminally using drug paraphernalia.

The 20-year-old probably wouldn't mind if 50 stepped in and posted the bail himself, since he's expressed hopes to work with the mogul. “I’ve been trying to get in contact with 50 and them for the longest for some management or something, man,” he said via phone from jail in March.

50, though, is still looking at Sha Money.

"Sha Money did that sh-t, man," he added during last night's set. "How you gonna have 'money' in your name, and not have money to get a n---a out? Something's not right."