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Which 'Friends' Pet Are You? [QUIZ]

How do you say 'How YOU doin' in dogspeak?

Even though they all lived in Manhattan apartment complexes where pet policies can be super tricky -- not to mention, expensive -- there were still a good number of fur babies which made their way around the "Friends" group over the course of its 10 epically re-watchable seasons.

Some were regulars, like the Chick and the Duck who always provided a good feathery punchline for Chandler to land with, while others had much briefer stays with the Central Perk gang. Some came and went and then came back again. But they all left their mark on the show -- sometimes literally, like when the Duck ate Rachel's face cream and ralphed all over the couch, or when Marcel pooed in the shoe. Yech!

So, before you go and queue up your 13th series re-watch session, take our just-for-funzies personality test and find out which one of the "Friends" pets you're most like IRL. The results might just leave you saying OH MY GOD.