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It's 'A' Girl! 'Pretty Little Liars' Dropped Its Biggest Clue Yet

Omg could Lesli Stone be "A?!"

"Pretty Little Liars" just answered a major question about A's identity -- and we are seriously freaking out.

At the start of the season we were a little disappointed that the show's main antagonist had been revealed to be a dude. Now, it looks like the "PLL" Powers That Be (thankfully) pulled one over on us. Charles DiLaurentis is most definitely dead, and A is a GIRL.

Now that we know part of A's identity, we can at least start to narrow down our suspects. (We still think you're shady af, Wren.) And Mona's unstable BFF Lesli Stone is now at the top of our list.

Of course, A's (semi) reveal wasn't the only thing that threw us for a loop in tonight's chilling episode ("She's No Angel"). Here are the craziest moments from season 6, episode 5:

  1. A is a girl.
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    Aria and her photographer buddy Clark find inspiration in a yet another creepy location. This time, though, Clark gets a shot of A -- only, he has no idea what he snapped. Aria, however, does and she jumps into action, stealing her new buddy's negatives in the darkroom. (Aside: Does anyone else find it endearing that Aria and Clark are shooting actual film? So romantic!)

    Aria takes a closer look at Clark's photo and realizes that A does, in fact, have boobs. No, we can't see A's face but this is an important breakthrough! And it's an important one, too. Honestly, the thought of a man, mentally unstable or not, taking advantage of a group of teen girls really creeped us out. The fact that the show's main antagonist is a women speaks to "PLL"'s greatest strengths. "Pretty Little Liars" has always empowered women -- good or bad.

  2. Lesli Stone was Bethany Young's roommate in Radley.
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    In the eternal words of Anastasia Steele, HOLY CRAP. Lesli Stone reared her crazy head in Rosewood this week, and homegirl was a heck of a lot different (i.e. way more psycho) than the last time we saw her. We get that she's mad at Mona. Mona faked her death and Lesli's testimony all but sealed the Liars' fates in court. But the way Lesli verbally attacked Mona and Hanna in Brew felt very erratic and frankly, unstable. So we weren't entirely surprised to find out that Lesli had spent time in Radley -- but then Spencer dropped another huge bomb on us: Lesli was Bethany Young's roommate. Oh, and she KNEW Charles. In the episode's final seconds, Mona calls Lesli to tell her that "they know" -- "they," meaning the Liars -- and Lesli totally goes off on Mona. "You always screw everything up," she screams.

    Now, it would be really easy to assume Lesli is A. She's got the crazy thing down, that's for sure. But we still think it's too easy for the Liars to figure everything out when there's still five episodes left in the season. We definitely think Lesli is part of the answer, but we're not entirely convinced she's the Big Bad under the hoodie.

  3. Mona can't be trusted.
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    OF COURSE YOU CAN'T TRUST MONA. Seriously, Mona is the reason we have trust issues. It's clear that Mona met Lesli in Radley, but who's playing who here? Mona's too smart to take orders, so what is she actually doing with Lesli? It's possible Mona knows Lesli is the key to A -- she could be on the A Team -- and she's "working" with her to get answers.

  4. Emily is way too invested in Sara.
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    We get it: Emily is the protector. But she's being way too protective of Sara Harvey. You'd think that after everything Em has been through she'd be more cautious around strangers with questionable backgrounds, but nah, she's not. Instead, she's helping Sara get emancipated from her mom and getting tattoos with her (natch). Speaking of tattoos, Sara's fresh ink seemed rather dubious... a bird escaping a bird cage. Hmm. Does Sara know about Tippi the bird?! Could Sara be closer to A than we originally thought? (Yes, and most definitely, YES.)