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Rihanna Went To The Club And Brought Home A Puppy

The #RihannaNavy has a new mascot.

When the common person goes out to a club, they usually leave with one or all of the following: a strong buzz, constant ringing in their ears, some rando hottie’s number, maybe a souvenir glass or two, and a nagging hunger for pizza and/or tacos.

But Rihanna is SO not the common person, meaning her club antics are matched by no one. Case in point: in a move only she could pull off, she went to Los Angeles’ 1OAK nightclub over the weekend and somehow went home with a real, living, breathing canine. She didn't get it at the club, though -- the puppy was just acquired at some point during her night of clubbin'. Seriously, this girl needs her own reality show.

In a series of Snapchat videos, we see the precious pup (apparently dubbed Pepe) cozying up to his uber chill owner, livin’ the life we’ve always dreamed of.

In one of the clips, Rihanna’s friend asks what we’re all thinking: “Where the f--k did this b---h find a dog? She literally just went to the club, came back with a cage, wee-wee pads, food, and a f--king dog!”

The baffled friend gets her answer in another vid, where Rihanna breezily explains, “Well, I found him in the bathroom somewhere and he ran up to me.” Simple as that. What bathroom has a magical trove of puppies, Rih? Lemme know.

Understandably, Pepe seems slightly bewildered and starstruck to be in the company of Queen Rih Rih, as one would.

The little pup couldn’t resist biting his new owner’s denim clothes (that’s probs a designer zipper, but you do you, Pep).

The important thing here is that this seemingly spontaneous life decision already has Rih embracing her maternal instincts. In this clip, she cradles the little fluffball like a baby and gives us a close-up of his sleepy, squishy little face.

Welcome to the Rihanna Navy, Pepe!