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If Fast Food Restaurants Were Honest, This Is What They'd Say

Can you handle the truth?

Fast food restaurants aren't exactly known for their honest commercials. Instead of providing nutritional facts or info about where they get their ingredients, many fast food joints opt for celebrities or scantily clad women to lure you in for a burger or two.

This fake commercial from Cracked tells the true story behind fast food advertising from an unscrupulous restaurant chain "that brings you cooked food alarmingly quickly."

The video begins with Roger, presumably the CEO of the fake restaurant chain Fast Foodery, addressing his audience: "I know that you are statistically speaking an exhausted parent or a struggling college student or someone else with neither time nor money, money that you're still going to spend."

Roger goes on to explain that his company understands how addiction works and loads up their food with fat and sugar to keep you coming back for more. It's a funny and at times disgusting video, but it's one that also makes you think about just what you're putting into your body when you grab a quick lunch at the drive thru. And after watching it, we'll probably opt out of that Crunchwrap Supreme we had planned for later.