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The 'Paper Towns' Soundtrack Just Got Livelier With Santigold's New Groove

Your hips. They're going to sway.

Unlike its predecessor in John Green-ness - that is, "The Fault In Our Stars," the very name of which still brings on the weeps - "Paper Towns" isn't going to make you fill your whole empty popcorn bucket up with sob juice and leave you pondering your place in the infinite abyss.

Of course, that's not to say there won't still be some tears because c'mon, it's still a John Green story. But the overall feeling of "Paper Towns" is exhilaration and intrigue.

Which is exactly what Santigold was laying down when she came up her "Paper Towns" soundtrack jam "Radio," released Tuesday (June 30).

Sounds like Santigold totally answered the nerd fighter call here because she definitely did not forget to be awesome. We can just imagine Q and his mystery team jamming along to this on their fated little minivan journey already.

The "Paper Towns" soundtrack, which also features Sam Bruno, Twin Shadow, Grouplove, Nat & Alex Wolff, and a slew of other awesome artists, will be available July 10.

“Paper Towns” hits theaters July 24.