Kirsten Arian Is Going To Take You Higher Than Heaven On Her Debut Album

Get an exclusive listen to her album before it drops July 7.

You may have not heard of Kirsten Arian yet, but, trust me, you will soon.

She's a 21-year-old indie singer/songwriter with a soulful, pop sound -- one that she brings to life with a big voice and personal, heartfelt lyrics.

If you don't believe me, her debut album, Higher Than Heaven, is premiering right now over at before its official release on July 7.

Check out Kirsten Arian’s album premiere on MTV!

According to her Website, Kirsten has said that the album is based on personal experiences and was influenced by British pop and '90s female power anthems, which is definitely evident on her single, "Queen."

“The album is based on many different events," she said. "Some songs I wrote right before we recorded, others I wrote when I was 18 years old. They all share what I was going through at the time and each song has its own story.”

And Kirsten certainly has a lot of stories to pick from -- she sings about love ("Ecstasy"), letting go ("Honey") and heartbreak ("With or Without You") -- since her musical journey has been on the fast-track since 2012.

After moving from Los Angeles to Nashville, Kirsten won Nashville's talent competition, Music City Breakthrough, in 2014, which gave her the opportunity to record her debut album.

So go ahead, take a listen to your new favorite artist.