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Zayn Malik’s Going To Make A ‘Soulful Record’

Naughty Boy teases that the release will be 'worth the wait.'

Let's just say that the relationship between Directioners and producer Naughty Boy has been a bit rocky.

It all started back in March, not long after Zayn Malik left One Direction, when Naughty Boy retweeted a video mashing up Zayn and Naughty for the moniker “Zaughty.”

This riled up Louis Tomlinson and the Directioners, especially once Zayn's demo, "I Don't Mind," leaked.

Fans started the hashtag "#GetNaughtyBoySuspended" after he tweeted about a "fake fandom." And let's not forget that whole "bitchy comments" thing.

But here's something that might surprise you, One Direction fans: Naughty Boy totally gets why you are upset about his friendship with Zayn. Still, he's not letting it bother him.

"I do try to look at the positive of any situation and I kind of understand why everyone needs someone to blame," he told Capital FM. "And it's a big deal, it's a big deal for a lot of people. So in my little bubble I can kind of deal with it in my own way without letting it get to me, because I just think it will blow over."

The UK producer, who said he had nothing to do with Zayn leaving 1d, also said that "everything will make sense" once people hear the music that they've been working on.

"I think he's going to make a soulful record," he revealed. "He's writing himself on it as well. I think it's worth the wait. The less I say about it, the better."