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The World First Met Shailene Woodley Seven Years Ago Today

We're all #blessed.

Long before she started kicking butt in the “Divergent” series and tugging at our heartstrings in “The Fault in Our Stars,” Shailene Woodley was *just* a quiet teenager with shiny hair starring on one of the most groundbreaking ABC Family shows ever. “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” was basically a sex-ed class wrapped in a soapy drama, but that doesn’t mean that Shai wasn’t literally the best thing to happen to broadcast television since sliced bread.

In honor of “Secret Life’s” seven year anniversary today (July 1), we rounded up all the times that Shai absolutely killed it, even before becoming one of the biggest stars in the world.

  1. She knew how to act serious.
    ABC Family

    Probably a requirement on a show about teen pregnancy, but still.

  2. And how to get down to earth.
    ABC Family

    Oh hey, Molly Ringwald!

  3. But she also knew how to have fun.
    ABC Family

    Killer dance moves.

  4. She was the epitome of hair goals.
    ABC Family

    What conditioner does she use? The world wants to know.

  5. Seriously, her swoop was enviable.
    Paul Redmond

    And no, we could never imitate it, no matter how hard we tried.

  6. She could rock an up-do.
    Steve Granitz
  7. She knew how to dress up.
    Frazer Harrison
  8. But also how to dress down.
    Michael Bezjian
  9. She could even dress for cold weather.
    Jeff Neira
  10. She liked to rock statement headbands.
    Gabriela Maj
  11. In fact, she had the essence of the 2000's pretty much down: headbands, sunglasses and plaid.
    Ray Mickshaw
  12. And, of course, bedazzled t-shirts.
    Ray Mickshaw
  13. Sometimes, she rocked it in designer duds.
    Frazer Harrison
  14. And sometimes, she wore scarves while seriously smizing.
    Jason LaVeris
  15. She liked to pose for pics with friends.
    Frazer Harrison

    David Archuleta is perf.

  16. And castmates.
    Mark Sullivan

    Squad goals.

  17. Basically, she was the coolest kid on the block.
    Mark Sullivan

    Rock on, Shai.